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MEMOS Mobile Solutions is a leading Smartphone Development Company. We provide the highest quality services for your Smartphone needs.

When you need Smartphone apps that:

• Provide excellent app experiences to any smartphone user
• Designed to optimize speed and performance for any smartphone device
• Meets the needs of any smartphone user
• Provide easy-to-use capabilities
• Our experienced smartphone app developers will create the best mobile app that gets your business noticed

Our team focuses on developing the following:

• iPhone Applications
• iPad Applications
• Windows Phone Development
• Android Applications
• Tablets Development

Tips for Your Smartphone App Marketing

It seems like everyone has a smartphone these days. They are mobile, convenient and easy to use. The wise business owner recognizes that smartphone app development is a solid way to expand business beyond brick-an-mortar boundaries. Creating an individual brand for your business will set you apart from the competition. The value you offer the user will speak volumes and increase word-of-mouth advertising. Nothing beats free marketing for your app. The following list gives some suggestions that will make your smartphone app an easy one for you to market.


It's nice to offer the app user content to read, but is it really readable? If the font is small and they to squint, it won't be easy to gain download numbers. Remember that the screens on smartphones are relatively small. One column design works best with these devices. Being able to scroll down and then having a "homepage" tab at the bottom is optimum. It allows the user a quick way to get back where they started.


Turning a multu-page website into one that is easily gone through using tab features is excellent. It maximizes the information they can access and minimizes the lag of performance. Easy touch-tabs give full control of where the user browses.


Creating a dynamic logo will not only draw attention to your app, but Apple's App Store requires it to be in keeping with their standards before they will even consider featuring it for download. You'll want to to focus some quality attention to the logo design and implementation during smartphone app development. You want to know that when you submit your app to the App Store that it will be accepted and made available.

Authenticate Accounts

Being able to authenticate accounts makes it possible for your user to interact with all social networking sites that you make available to them. The most popular apps offer this capability. Sharing is a widely used tool to pass information of all types from an individual to a group.

Scale to Fit

Fitting a big website into a small smartphone can be tricky. There is no doubt that many features and graphics will have to be scaled down in order to fit and work smoothly. Smartphone app development will hone the information and features to offer all the value without the slow performance.

Is My App Working?

Tracking the performance of your app once you begin marketing is essential. You need to find out where you users are coming from. Are they running into one of your ads, reviews or App Store listing? How often are they using the app? The more frequent it gets used, the more you can depend on the user retaining it.

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