Web Development

When you are looking to build a custom web application, what matters most to you? Is it the design? How easy is it to use? Compatibility with the various browsers? Security? Performance? The truth is, all these aspects are critical to the success of your web project, and much more. Make a mistake on any of these items and your web project could become a real mess.

What's in Our Web Toolbox

I wasn't too happy when my Betamax videocassette player went out of style, so I take a cautious view of technology, especially software technologies. If we are going to build (and you are going to pay) for a custom software application, I want to make sure the technology is going to be around (and supported) for a good long time. So we develop our applications using industry standard, super popular and well supported development technologies, including:

ASP.NET (Microsoft Technology)
Microsoft SQL Server
PHP and MySQL (Open Source Technologies)
Java, AJAX and other web technologies

The list isn't exciting, but you can be sure these technologies will be supported for many years to come. Unlike my betamax. One more thing. I'm not to try and convince you use one technology over another. I need to understand your project inside and out first. Okay, now I'd like to mention something very important to your project. Let's talk about web standards for a minute.

Web Standards

There are standards for just about everything, and web development is no exception. All our web applications conform to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C.org) standards, guaranteeing interoperability(i.e compatibility) with current and future web technologies. Our applications also comply with government accessibility laws, including Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act. When we develop your web application, you can be sure it will run predictably and be accesible to all users for many years to come. It also means your website will load correctly in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

So how exactly do we build our web applications? Actually, the process or methodology we use to build all our custom software development projects is identical. Want to learn more about our process? Start reading about our industry-leading 4D Methodology.


So now you know a bit about how we'll approach your web project, and what issues matter most to us. I would encourage you to learn more about the topics I've mentioned above. It matters to your project.

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