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IT Support

Knottsolutions is a dependable IT company that is renowned for providing a range of services to support and assist organizations with their Information Technology(IT). It ensures that the technology systems and services are running effectively and smoothly. We assure the troubleshooting of various technical issues confronted within an organization. We not only keep the technical problems at bay but also provide guidance and solutions for appropriate technology usage. Some IT supports offered by Knottsolutions Include:

Issue Resolutions and Troubleshooting: Our experienced team of skilled professionals are trained to diagnose the problems and dig out the root cause of the issues and problems confronted while working with hardware, software applications, networks, and other IT systems. We resolve errors, connectivity problems, and crashes in minutes.

Help desk services: We also promise help desk services by providing direct assistance to users on their handy smartphone devices, via e-mail, chat, or face-to-face interactions. We resolve queries provide guidance and provide solutions to regular problems.

Installation and set-up: Knott solutions team guides the installation, configuration, and set-up of applications let it be hardware or software. We ensure the proper functioning of the setups configured.

Maintaining software and hardware: Updating software, applying patches, and performing hardware upgrades are some routine tasks performed by the Knottshoultions for you, it is done to keep the systems secure and up-to-date.

User training: Knottsolutions aims to keep your team updated and aids them in understanding the use of software applications and IT tools. It contributes to the smooth and efficient functioning of your organization and reduces the likelihood of errors.

Data backup and recovery: We understand how precious your data is to you. So to keep data safe and secure we implement data backup solutions to prevent data loss owing to hardware failures or any other incidents. We assist in recovering lost data in a crisis.

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