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Implementation / Consulting

SAP Business Suite:

Knott’s 10 years of SAP consulting experience coupled with our SAP-exclusive focus has allowed us to become experts across the entire SAP landscape including niche skill areas. We offer a wide variety of customized SAP solutions built around your specific needs.

➤ SAP Enterprise Resource Planning

➤ SAP Business Intelligence

➤ SAP Enterprise Portal

➤ SAP Supplier Relationship Management

➤ SAP Financial Performance Management

➤ SAP Product Lifecycle Management

➤ SAP Retailer: Retail All in One Solution

Seamless Implementations

Knott’s experience implementing SAP core(FI/CO, MM, SD, PP, HR, etc) and emerging technology modules(RF, CRM, SEM, SRM, BI, etc) coupled with our holistic system approach allows for the seamless integration of new functionality into your environment with immediate benefits for your users and businesses.

Efficient, Risk-Free Upgrades

SAP’s aggressive update path necessitates strategy on when and how to accomplish your migration to newer SAP releases. Knott’s understanding of the functional enhancements and technical requirements of each new release, as well as our long history of successful SAP projects, provides our customers with systematic, low risk upgrades.

On-Time, On-Budget Projects

Your business and budget pressures drive the rapid need for value and rapid delivery of your SAP projects. Knott’s commitment to completing your SAP implementation and upgrades on schedule and within budget combined with our long-term relationship focus and structured methodologies, tools and templates exceeds customers expectations and delivers quality results.

Rapid Component Upgrades

In certain SAP architecture designs, structured upgrade plans often include the upgrade of components(i.e BW, SRM, etc) separately from your SAP ERP upgrade. However, with and resources at a premium, turning to Knott’s experience to facilitate these module upgrades quickly and effectively increases your return on investment and lowers your total project costs while securing your competitive advantage with a better end product.

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